The Guardians of Virginity

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The Guardians of Virginity (The GOV) from Boise, ID plays hard-hitting country-disco-metal with influences ranging from Ween, Mastodon, Steel Panther, and Frank Zappa. Like a good wine or light beer, The GOV pairs well with all sorts of bands from extreme metal to bar rock and there’s enough songs in the band’s repertoire that The GOV can fit on funk or country bills as well

For many years, Dustin Jones (guitarist, Green Jellÿ, Dying Famous), begged Glenn Mantang (singer, songwriter) to put together a live band to perform Glenn’s comedy songs he had been drunkenly recording in his basement since the 90’s. After some tactful badgering and promises of tasteful sideboob, The GOV was born in 2014.

The GOV sees the music industry changing, and traditional releases don’t have the same weight that they did 10-20 years ago. To combat this and still release compelling material, The GOV has decided to continuously record and release music videos as well as an online web series. Once The GOV amasses 30-40 songs professionally recorded and mixed, a box set release party with an accompanying national tour planned. The current number is 18 so the date will be sneaking up in the very near future.

“If you want some good-natured, well-crafted, trashy fun, this ‘bluegrass disco porn metal boy band’ will not disappoint.”Boise Weekly

Live photos by Jason Sievers


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