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Jingle Jamboree

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Neurolux, North 11th Street, Boise, ID, USA

Ages: 21+

Cost: 5 to get in

The GOV performed Jingle Jamboree with:

Before you head out of town for the holiday weekend, spend Friday night with friends at the Jingle Jamboree: Friday, December 23, 8:00pm at the Neurolux. All proceeds of the $5+ door donation goes to benefit the Boise homeless population.

Hosted by Boise’s Blonde Bombshell, Minerva Jayne, the Jingle Jamboree features seven–count em–SEVEN bands, bar games, short films, and a celebratory holiday spirit all around. All musical acts will be playing short, christmas-themed sets with genres varying from Hip-Hop, Punk, Folk, Funk, Metal, and more! Chances to win prizes through audience participation games like cake walks, brain teasers, and group hugs.